Basic Information about Criminology Degrees.

Overview of an Online Criminology Degree

Law enforcement and the upholding of peace and security are important jobs to fill in the society. A degree in criminology opens new vistas for a wide variety of jobs in the law enforcement and criminal justice system. The degree can be a short two-year associate’s degree, a traditional four-year bachelor’s degree, or a more advanced master’s and doctorate degrees in criminology. The degree programs can either be taken full-time or part-time. As a supplement to a part-time criminology program, online criminology degrees are now being widely offered by many schools today.

How does an online criminology degree work?

As the name suggests, an online criminology program works by making use of the Internet and other digital technology as a virtual classroom. Students are enrolled either online or in actual, depending on the school.

The degree syllabus, lessons, assignments, activities, and quizzes are channelled through e-mails, e-books, videos, and more. Some schools make use of a digital set in supplement to the online degree; that is, a study guide wherein resources and other course content are incorporated. Some schools may also give 24/7 access to an online domain programmed by the school, which serves as a virtual classroom.

Although an online degree is essentially taken part-time, it is still feasible that students are able to finish the course in the same length of time as with a traditional classroom-based coursework. However, students must be prepared that such online program scheme has a very condensed coursework.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for admission for an online criminology degree is more or less the same as with a traditional program; that is, a diploma, transcript of records, prerequisite courses (general education requirements), and character references. Additional requirements include the following:

  • Computer – A computer unit is the fundamental element of an online degree. As such, particular computer specs should be complied with, such as a specific operating system, support of specific software, webcam, microphone, and more. Some students may opt better for a computer in which they can bring conveniently wherever they go for added flexibility.
  • Internet connection – Another crucial requirement for an online course is a reliable Internet connection.
  • VCD/DVD player – A portion of the program may involve the use videos recorded in a DVD or VCD. Hence, a device that can play both is needed.

Why should I choose an online criminology program?

One of the primary advantages of an online criminology program is flexibility. This type of program is best for students who are employed, hence cannot take a full-time class schedule. This also work best for students with other time commitments to family and others.

What are the cons of an online degree?

Not everything can be done online. Online degree programs have its limitations. For major examinations and other class activities, these things should be done in an actual setting. There is also a partiality with employers with regards to online degree programs. Some employers have doubts as to the authenticity of such programs. Hence, it is prudent to choose a reputable school offering an accredited online program.

Top Nursing Schools Offering an Online Criminology Degree

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