Basic Information about Criminology Degrees.

Understanding Criminology Degree Requirements

A degree in criminology prepares students to become law enforcers and other professions related to criminal law and the justice system. One may have an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree to begin one’s profession in the criminal law field. Some good criminologists also take advanced studies to cover supplementary training and knowledge on fields related to criminology, such as political science, forensics, social work, and psychology. A criminology degree can be very versatile in terms of job opportunities.

To help you get started on your criminology education, we have listed down the usual requirements needed for admission. Note that different schools may have different sets of requirements.

Diploma and transcript of records

The diploma serves as a supplementary document proving your completion of general education requirements from high school. For students not educated by the usual way, a GED certificate may suffice. The transcript of records serves as a gauge for your academic performance, especially on the basis of general education subjects. For a bachelor’s or master’s degree in criminology, a minimum grade point average may be looked upon by college admissions.

English proficiency examination

Written and oral communication skills are one of the most crucial requirements for a criminology degree. In the United States, one may take the TOEFL or other English language proficiency examinations. The minimum grade for acceptance is determined by the respective criminology schools.

Physical fitness

Criminology, in essence, is a profession that requires physical and mental fitness. One must be physically fit to even study the said degree. Such program entails rigorous physical training especially for students concentrating on criminology specialty programs for law enforcers and federal agents. A physical examination may be done prior to admission as a gauge for your acceptance to the degree program.

Character references and résumé

Character references is a letter of recommendation by a person who has officially supervised you and can commend on your skills and attitude as a student or employee. Attached with the references is your résumé, bearing your qualifications and other pertinent personal and professional data.

Prerequisite courses

Prior the beginning of classes, some general education courses must be complied with in order to proceed to the criminology classes. For a bachelor’s degree in criminology, the following prerequisite courses are needed:

  • Introductory course on American constitution or political science
  • Introductory course on sociology
  • Elementary statistics
  • Humanities
  • Communications

Note that the aforementioned courses may vary in different schools. Other academic pathways in criminology may also be determining factor to the set of mandated prerequisite courses.